id rather be vain than learn to hate myself again

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groddramitfronk said: Then don’t go? Like do it yourself? Hair care is a cool hobby to some people. Also you can be the “Hair stylist” friend.

I already cut it myself omg gordon you don’t understand… I want a balayage… I can’t paint the back of my head with bleach by myself… you don’t understand… gordon…

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groddramitfronk said: Start small? LIke let them do a little and if they don’t fuck up, trust them a little more. If they do fuck up, its hair and will grow back.

gordon you don’t understand

they always fuck up

I have the highest standards in the entire world

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I keep finding people that I think I want to do my hair and then I get afraid and back out… like my hair is like my fifth best feature I need to protect it

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my entire life rn is 💅 like I just cannot deal

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